Second single in anticipation of new album

The second single released in anticipation of the full-length Chris From Space, “Revenge of the Silver Surfer” dives deep into the pop culture and musical history of the band’s deep-rooted nerdom. Based on a musical phrase played by the low strings in Gustav Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War,” from his seminal The Planets suite, the trio took the theme and twisted it into a psycho surf rock epic from the Red Planet itself.
“I was standing in the audience at a concert when the riff started playing in my head,” says guitarist Brandon Wheeler. “But it wasn’t just the usual strings building, but a crazy, reverb-laden monstrosity. I immediately sent a message to the guys about it.”
“It just f***ing rocks,” says frontman/keyboardist Chris Taylor. “We made it insane, especially with Rob (Jennings)’s neurotic drums.”
Simply orchestrated, heavy on the synth, massive guitar, and thrashing drums, “Revenge of the Silver Surfer” showcases each member’s prowess on their respective instruments. “It’s a real tribute to the range we have as a group,” says guitarist Brandon Wheeler.
“Revenge of the Silver Surfer” is the last single teasing the release of the self-titled full-length Chris From Space, available digitally on 4/8, coinciding with the total solar eclipse, as well as on CD in limited release at live events. “Silver Surfer” itself is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music, as well.


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