First single with new lineup

Watch the official video on YouTube

Greater Cincinnati CHRIS FROM SPACE, after securing the stellar lineup of originator Chris Taylor, percussionist Robert Jennings, and guitarist Brandon Wheeler, have spent the last year writing and recording for an upcoming full-length release.
In anticipation of this upcoming release, CHRIS FROM SPACE has released the first single with the full lineup, “STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN.” The new single, released on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music, as well as on YouTube with accompanying video, is the first complete recording of the full lineup, showcasing the progression of the CHRIS FROM SPACE sound, with mature production, clever songwriting, and well-developed arrangement.
“It’s the first time we’re saying, ‘hello, Earthlings,’ as a group,” says Jennings. After spending a couple of years jamming, writing, playing gigs, and generally getting to know each other musically, CHRIS FROM SPACE has solidified a group of like-minded, somewhat crazy members who truly feel at home with each other, pushing the band’s sound into the final frontier. Keep an eye out for announcements for the new full-length, as well as the band’s upcoming show at Alexandria Brewing Company on March 2, 2024. The event, featuring a free show by CHRIS FROM SPACE, is the release of the brewery’s Saturn Ascends imperial stout, and will feature the band performing several new songs from the upcoming full-length release.
You can find the new single, “STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN,” on most major streaming services, as well as YouTube.