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This album has been quite a labor of love for Chris From Space. And while Vector may seem out of this world, the lyrics hit home in a way all too familiar in our current climate. Buy Tickets To me, this album touches on politics, love, anger, and moving on. From the song lyrics of ‘Evacuate The Planet,’ “Hey Everybody there's no time to debate, Just make your way to the departure gate, Grab your things, grab whatever you can, Forget about all of your fellow man…We've gotta go, find somewhere to populate, Evacuate the planet.” To the poignant ‘I Quit, The End,’ “And I can't pretend, That I wanna try and make amends, So this is the end, The end of everything, As we know it to be, The end of everything, As we know it to be.” I am very excited to see what is next for Chris From Space.”

Courtney Phenicie, Editor In Chief,

It is not often, through the course of listening to submissions to review, that I am genuinely struck by the sheer audacity of a recording, when a band or artist decides not only to throw out the formula, but to rewrite the mathematics altogether. That was what I was faced when listening to Alternate Dimension, the new album of remixes from Chris From Space. To be clear, Dimension is not easy listening. From beginning to end, it demands your attention and your heads-up involvement. But if you agree to go along for the ride, you find some pretty infectious grooves, memorable hooks, and to be frank, a fun, quirky trip steeped in some pretty esoteric, deep-cut electronic music history. Dimension sounds a bit like what I imagine Autobahn’s Nagelbett would have sounded like (were it a real album from a real band), but where Autobahn would have zigged into heavy, sinister krautrock, Chris From Space zags and goes where the music takes him. For fans of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream’s The Dream Mixes, or Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma, if you’re looking for something way out there that still has a good beat, check out Alternate Dimension.”

Brian Wheeler,

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